Season Five

The fifth year of the mango club is here. ApeironCrew and Baba Stiltz will visit this winter along with Laurence Guy who opensup the new season on Saturday 1st October. Damiano von Erckert willplay our fifth birthday party held in tradition on Boxing Day.

Since December 2012 we have aimed to createa party we dreamt this city of having. There is no better feeling than for usto hear how much people look forward to coming in.

Throughout the coming months we will continueto improve in our mission to create the perfect community environment for youto come and have a well earned dance with friends.

This year we will look to enhance theimpact of a second room in the party – offering a space with an alternativeselection of music that coincides with a space to chill out. This roomincluding the bar will close at 2am with everyone gathering together in themain room for our guests set.

For the main room our aim is to bring morevisual production to the dance floor. We are limiting the full capacity toensure everyone has a nice space to dance.

Further to our parties we also have plansto connect further with our community through talks, workshops and other eventsall to be held in Chester across the next eight months.

A podcast series will also re-launch thiswinter featuring our residents and previous guests.

We are incredibly excited not only towelcome more of our favourite DJ’s from across the globe, but also you – thedancers, our family to join us on another journey of creating fantastic andmemorable parties. Please remember the vibe, everyone is welcome and friendlyvibes are the only ones to be encouraged.

All tickets for the four winter nights willbe on sale at Resident Advisor.   

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